Rami Atassi is a Syrian-American creative producer, teaching artist, & guitar educator based in Chicago, IL.

In 2022, Rami assembled his group, The Cosmic Dance Band—a vehicle to explore his love of desert guitar & maqam jazz, blending sounds of the Middle East with jazz harmony & a modern sonic palette. This group and its collective improvisation is the backbone of his latest album, Dancing Together (coming fall 2023).

In 2021, he founded Guitar Tactics, an online guitar program offering group classes & video coursework for adult guitar learners. To date he has helped over 100 students deepen their guitar practice through a mix of group classes & online courses.

Rami’s original score for the feature-length film Bad Animal won “Best Original Music” at the 2022 Fine Arts Film Fest. His work is featured in Then They Came for Us, a 2017 documentary about the forced incarceration of Japanese Americans featuring George Takei.

Rami cut his teeth playing guitar in Chicago’s improvised music & indie rock scenes with bands like The MIYUMI Project & The Curls. In 2016, he played guitar for SKYLANDING: The Music of Yoko Ono by The MIYUMI Project (produced by Yoko Ono). In 2018, he played Pitchfork Music Festival with The Curls in support of Super Unit—their 2017 album where his angular, left-of center guitar work played a pivotal role.

An extension of his work as an artist & producer, Rami has designed 100+ digital experiences for clients in media, entertainment & the arts. In 2016 he redesigned the front-end user experience for Bahamas.com as part of the EDUCO Web Design team. Since founding his consulting practice Tune Up in 2018, he has produced digital experiences for Alex Ross Art, the University of Chicago, AccuRadio, and dozens of other clients.

Rami Atassi
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