Bill Sienkiewicz is an Eisner award-winning comic artist renowned for his abstract and expressionist contributions to. From his groundbreaking collaborations with Frank Miller in the 1980s (Elektra, Daredevil, Batman) to his art for comic movies (New Mutants, Spider-Man), his work combines fine art and comics to incredible effect.

Bill's team contacted me because I had been producing marketing results for another leader in the comic art space, Alex Ross. They asked me to redesign their website, which had been dormant for the better part of a decade. I redesigned the site and hired my Shopify development partner to deliver the coded site. I also wrote all the content on the website.

One interesting aspect of this site is the ability to shop by character. In my work with comic artists, one thing I've learned is that their audiences tend to favor certain franchises and certain characters — an artist is often known for their contributions to a specific universe. Since Bill's work is wide ranging, the ability to shop by character is a critical feature.

I also run eCommerce marketing for Bill Sienkiewicz. While I can't disclose the specific results of our collaboration, I can share that in the first year, we have built an online revenue stream that competes with their convention revenue.