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I enjoy creative problem solving, and that's what draws me to digital marketing. I've worked on 100+ commercial projects (web, video, social, music) in a strategic leadership role.

I help people and companies grow through digital marketing.

So, what does that really mean?

It starts with a problem or challenge, such as...

  1. You have something meaningful to say, and you want to reach more people online
  2. You're working to grow your audience, and you want to be more strategic with your digital presence
  3. You have specific marketing channels where you want to focus and grow. Popular channels are Google search, Facebook, and email

Here are some of the services I deliver for my digital marketing clients:

  • Grow your email list and improve email marketing
  • Increase exposure and convert customers using Facebook ads
  • Strengthen your position in Google Search by publishing quality content
  • Engage and convert website visitors
  • Generate more revenue from your marketing funnel

I run a digital marketing consultancy called Digital Tune Up. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, you can contact me or check out one of my consulting case studies:

Featured Work

Alex Ross Art

Alex Ross is titan of comic book art and a master of the photorealistic style. I lead a digital content team where we deliver daily social content, weekly videos, and monthly drip campaigns.

It's really fun to work with someone who has a seemingly endless back catalog of beautiful art.

If you want to see what we're up to, you can start by liking the Alex Ross Facebook page.


EMULSION is a video channel and blog focused on sharing music and telling stories from the Chicago music scene.

I love this project because it brings together all the things I like... artists, music, and the internet.

I help by getting the word out: interviewing artists, creating content, and running social ads.

Check us out at emulsionlab.com


EDUCO Web Design

As a senior strategist at EDUCO, I led content and strategy for 50+ different web projects... and I think my favorite project was creating a new bahamas.com.

What made it fun was the pure scale of their website. We could test new ideas and get a statistically significant response quickly. Plus, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism was amazing to work with.

If you're interested in the nuts and bolts, check out EDUCO's Bahamas.com redesign case study.

Bloodshot Records

EDUCO Web Design

It feels great to work with clients you believe in, and that's why I loved working on the Bloodshot Records website redesign. Today, Bloodshot has a sophisticated digital strategy, but their previous website was a bit of a mess. As an indie label, they rely quite a bit on their online store. We rebuilt their store and put them on track for increased conversion, sales, and web success.

You can see some of the specific details in EDUCO's Bloodshot Records case study.