Digital Strategy, Design & Marketing

I help companies grow by creating thoughtful design and marketing experiences. My work includes digital strategy, design, marketing content, and video. Teams bring me in when they need design and marketing experiences executed with speed, precision, and clarity.

I approach design problems from these basic principles:

  • People over process: Do we have a process that guides us, or are we just shooting from the hip? Is our process too rigid, costing us speed and flexibility?

  • Minimalism: What are basic elements that we need to be effective here? Are we overthinking or overdoing before testing and getting feedback?

  • Leverage: What could we do that would achieve outsized results for our efforts? Where are the opportunities for scale?

Here’s some of my featured work in marketing and design. Feel free to contact me if you want to learn more more!


Alex Ross Art

Marketing, Social Media & Design

Alex Ross is one of the most iconic comic book artists of the last 25 years, creator of canonical works like Marvels and the Eisner award-winning Kingdom Come.

As their lead marketing consultant, I'm responsible for designing and executing campaigns that combine digital media exposure with product marketing and eCommerce. Working with their in-house order fulfillment team and VP Operations, I've delivered these results so far:

  • eCommerce Growth - 4x revenue growth in web store (year 1)

  • Email list Growth - from 7k to 100k subscribers in under two years

  • Social Ad Growth — 18% more product sales using social media ads

  • Organic Social Growth — from 75k to 390k followers in under two years (Instagram)

  • PR Growth — pitched and landed 15+ articles in publications like SyFy, Nerdist,, and Bleeding Cool

Alex Ross is an incredible artist and his entire team is creative, savvy, and super fun to work with. To see what we are up to, follow Alex Ross Art on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Gather Voices

Design, Marketing & Digital Advertising

Gather Voices enables organizations to collect user-generated video from their members, staff, clients, and supporters. Organizations like Make-a-Wish and the Boys and Girls Club of America use Gather Voices to create and distribute authentic, user-generated videos.

I started working with Gather Voices in 2017 when they asked me to run ads for the first crowdfunding capital raise. Since then, I’ve helped them bootstrap their marketing through web design, email campaigns, and social advertising.

One interesting aspect of our work has been the various methods we’ve tested for lead generation. When we first launched the product, we offered a free trial — standard practice for an emerging SaaS startup. We quickly learned that our software required training and onboarding, and without this training, the free trial wasn’t effective. So we pivoted to offering guided demos and built our lead funnel on this concept — now we’re getting new demo requests daily.

To learn more about the product, check out


Website Consulting, Design & Marketing

Each year, over 5 million people travel to the Islands of The Bahamas. Famous for its beaches and resorts, The Bahamas also offers incredible ecotourism and local cultural experiences.

From 2015-2017, I worked at EDUCO Web Design on the team that redesigned Our goal was to make a measurable improvement to the website user experience. As the product owner and UX lead, my job was to find on-site problems and solve them using design. I was also responsible for web layouts and content creation.

To learn more about this project, check out and the EDUCO Web Design Case Study.

Camp MasterChef

Marketing, Social Media, and Web Content

Camp MasterChef is a summer camp that helps kids and teens develop a passion for cooking. After years of successful camps in Europe, they are launching US camps in Summer 2018.

In 2017, they asked me to help with their digital marketing. First, I wrote web copy and set them up for organic SEO success. Post-launch, I focused on driving traffic and converting customers through paid advertising and social media.

For more on the camps, and all things MasterChef, follow MasterChef on Facebook and Instagram.


NuSierra & Verde Canada

Marketing, Design & Social Media

As part of iVik Holdings — a Canadian cannabis company — NuSierra and Verde are committed to innovation in the medical cannabis space. NuSierra farms cannabis in Colombia and distills it into pharmaceutical-grade THC and CBD oil, which it provides to Canadian cannabis distributors. Verde manufactures oil and edibles, which it provides as white-label products to Canadian cannabis brands.

When the iVik team first approached me, they had a couple of static websites but wanted to created a more deliberate digital presence. First, I redesigned their websites in a quick, lean fashion, moving them from Squarespace to WordPress for easy blogging. Then, we started rolling out weekly blog posts for NuSierra (2018) and Verde (2019), paired with a social media strategy for digital content distribution.

To date, we've doubled web traffic for NuSierra and we're on track to deliver the same for Verde by the end of 2019.


Bill Sienkiewicz Art

Marketing, Social Media, and Design

Bill Sienkiewicz is an Eisner award-winning comic artist renowned for his abstract and expressionist contributions to. From his groundbreaking collaborations with Frank Miller in the 1980s (Elektra, Daredevil, Batman) to his art for comic movies (New Mutants, Spider-Man), his work combines fine art and comics to incredible effect.

Bill's team contacted me because I had been producing marketing results for another leader in the comic art space, Alex Ross. They asked me to redesign their website, which had been dormant for the better part of a decade. I redesigned the site and hired my Shopify development partner to deliver the coded site. I also wrote all the content on the website.

Since we launched in June 2018, I’ve run eCommerce marketing for Bill Sienkiewicz Art. While I can't disclose the specific results of our collaboration, I can share that in the first year, we have built an online revenue stream that competes with their convention revenue.

For more information on what's coming next, follow Bill Sienkiewicz Art on Instagram and Facebook.



Website Consulting and Content

Bloodshot Records is a Chicago music institution — they've been a purveyor of adventurous music for over 20 years. Over the years, their artist roster has included Ryan Adams, Neko Case, Justin Townes Earle, and many more.

From 2013-2017, I worked at EDUCO Web Design on the team that redesigned and managed the Bloodshot Records eCommerce site. Our goals were to improve on-site user experience, increase web sales, and simplify content management. I led digital strategy and managed the project.

To learn more, check out and the EDUCO Web Design Case Study


See3 Communications

See3 is a digital agency that specializes in marketing for top-tier nonprofit organizations. When they contacted me, they had an outdated website and needed a lean, simple redesign. Their previous site was built on Drupal and they wanted to change to Wordpress. I redesigned the site and also hired my WordPress development partner to deliver coded site. I worked with See3 team to structure and guide the content process — they wrote the copy and supplied the images.

One interesting aspect of this site is the Supporter Inclusion Score, a white paper that we created and promoted on the site. It's a "lead magnet" experience designed to educate users interested in nonprofit communications, capturing their information in exchange for the white paper. To date, this has generated over 100 leads for See3.

Learn more at



Social Media, Content & Marketing

Emulsion is a video channel and music blog that tells stories from the Chicago music scene. This is a passion project designed to help underground Chicago artists get more exposure.

We focus on telling stories visually, with heavy emphasis on original video and analog photography. I work on artist relations, conducting interviews, writing blog posts, and managing social media.

For more, check out and follow us on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.