Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm a creative human, musician, and digital marketer.

While you're here, let me share a few things I've been really digging lately.

The Universal Mind of Bill Evans

All my work is inspired by the idea of creative practice. I crave the zen feeling of being focused and totally absorbed in the creative process.

I discovered the joy of practice at an early age, through music. This video is about developing your practice, whatever that may be. 

The Art of Paid Traffic

If you're doing any kind of Facebook marketing, this is a must-listen podcast. Rick Mulready is a Facebook ads wizard, and he goes deep with business case studies.

I'm always down for a crazy business case study... and there's plenty of those. They cover a wide range of industries and topics. Here's a few of my favorites:


Jam of the Week

This is my favorite Facebook group right now. It's a community of amazing musicians from all around the world. 

The concept is a simple: every week, there's a new song, and people post performance videos with their interpretation.

The styles and song selection are really diverse, emphasizing solo performance and jazz vocabulary. Check out the Facebook group.